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Book cover redesign

This book cover redesign was a project I was assigned to in my graphic and digital design course at CATO. 

The assignment objective was to choose any genre I wanted  (ex. sci-fi or fantasy)  and to take the book that we chose and redesign a full illustrated cover.

The book I chose was “The CALL of the WILD and WHITE FANG”. The reason I chose this book is because when I was younger, I remember my sister having this book and I always loved looking at the front cover of that book because of the colours on it and how unique it looked. The original cover had cross hatch sketch of colourful northern lights and a silhouette of a wolf running in front of silhouetted trees.  I wanted to design something similar to the original but I wanted it to have a unique look to it of my own. I wanted to add the northern lights to my cover but in my own way so I decided to create a grizzly morphing into my northern lights to give it a unique look to it. For the wolf I wanted it to look more detailed than the original, (the original cover made it look like a dog and not a wolf) I did my own kind of silhouette, instead of a black silhouette I created a white silhouette with details added to it. And lastly for the background, instead of just doing black silhouette trees like the original, I wanted to create more detail to the background, so I added a mountain view and tree ridge lines in front with a little bit of mist in between them.

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